Merle Schnauzer Club Of America  

       Where Exotic Colored Schnauzers Are Found
Where Exotic Colored Schnauzers Are Found


MSCA Registration papers come laminated, so that they will be kept easily in top condition.

 Click litter Application form below: Litters are a flat fee of $25.00

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At this time if you would like to include a copy of the none MSCA dogs papers and/or pedigree we will enter it into our data base free as an option. 

If at a later date you would like the info. added to your dogs profile there will be a data base fee of $15.00.

Click on link below for a transfer form: Transfers are $15.00

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Do not send the MSCA Certified mail, we do not accept it at this time. 
Fee's may be sent to us via personal check, money orders or Paypal. 
Dog registration is $20.00
Late fee's do apply to dogs being registered after 1 year of date of birth of $20.00
Litter registration is a flat rate of $25.00
Late fee's do apply to litter's after 6 months of birth of $20.00
Data base fee's are $15.00 per dogs transaction.
Re-print fee of a dog or litter are $15.00 each.

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